Large fundraising or small board meeting, you can count on us. We get it done.

There is not much to say here. We know what you go through when planning your next gala event or annual meeting: a nightmare! 🙁

The President can’t decide till the last moment, you need to call the donors to sell sponsorships, the web store doesn’t work, forget the online auction and the phone is ringing!!!! Ahhhh!!! I need a Doc!

  Call us! We will fly to your office and help you! (732) 805-3900

Design the perfect event… … … It’s impossible!

Not impossible but difficult. You know how many moving parts we need to check and balance. We offer fresh perspectives, new ideas, and proactive solutions rooted in our experience and knowledge of the events industry. Our team consistently produces stylish and dynamic events that are customized to our members’ specific expectations and goals, never losing sight of the budget parameters provided, always important in a non-for-profit.

We will really take care of everything else, just take a look below. We don’t want to bother you with too many words, you know the drill!

Your guests or members deserve more attention:

In the digital era, we still believe a personal touch and a face-to-face approach is still important. You’ll meet with us, understand and create trust with our associates, and we will be ready to create an emotional connection with your members.

We use the most advanced tools available on the market to offer a flexible, super user-friendly registration. We design all types of collaterals (print, digital, web, app) to deliver your message in the most appropriate way, based on your audience age group. Not everyone is computer savvy, and we need to take that into account.

Doc will engage your audience before, during, and especially after the event. Technology can help a lot, but without a 365 day-per-year communication with your attendees, most of the event objectives will be forgotten after the event.

We use the web, mobile, and social tools to create a storyline that will accompany your guests from the conception until the day of the event. These same tools will be integrated on site with mobile check-in, name badging, activities monitoring, and attendee-to-attendee interactions. After the event, we will continue engaging your audience with photos, videos, feedback surveys, and social media interactions…..until your next event!

We will reach your guest one by one, using all of the digital, analog, modern, or old fashioned ways… any tool or means available. Here some examples: